Very short (for easy online reading):

"A Brief History of Toast" appeared in AlimentumIt's fiction, but not a story.  For fun I let a computer translate it into Spanish and then back into English.  You can read the semi-coherent results here.

One Thing You Must Never Do" came out in the Mammoth Books anthology Sudden Stories.

Hampton Figs" sneaked into Gulf Stream.

"All Hail Digredi" appeared in the Calendar Islands anthology
In Praise of Pedagogy.

"That Particular Incident" was a piece of

"Sooner or Later" and "Ice Cold" came out in Innisfree.

"First Things First" was hand typed by the editor of Tucumcari Literary Review.

Longish (requiring more dedication):

"Out There in TV Land" graced the pages of
Pennsylvania English.

"Captivated" provided comprehensive fictional service to Xavier Review.

"Don't Put Me Down" found a place in
Talking River Review.

"The Ride" presented 26 alphabetically arranged impressions in
Habersham Review.
Qatar Is an Emirate" became a piece of Louisiana Literature.  About 5500 words.

The Story of Jane and George" resides in the archives of Dominion Review.
About 4300 words.

Arrivals and Departures" appeared in Laurel Review.
About 4500 words.

Curiosities" appeared in Soundings EastA long time ago.  About 4400 words.