“Louisiana’s New Political Landscape” will pop up in the University of Nebraska Press anthology Living Blue in the Red States in 2007.

“Lessons from Joe” is slated to appear in the Healing Project anthology
Voices of Lung Cancer in 2007.

Subjects for Other Conversations by John Stigall” appeared in Xavier Review.

Frozen Embraces/Zamrznuti Zagrljaji by Biljana Obradovic” graced the pages of World Literature Today.   Oddly enough, you can download a copy from for $6. 

Le Riche Monde by Biljana Obradovic” resides in a back issue of Prairie Schooner.  

Voodoo Poems and Magic Prose” and a picture of me appeared in The Writer's ChronicleAbout 2000 words.

“Trespassers” had the honor of appearing in Brevity.

“Aviary Slag by Jacques Servin” did its duty in Iowa Review.

“Anthony Kellman's Watercourse” came out in Northwest Review.

“Toward a Definition of Poetic Fiction” was immortalized in

“Anne Waldman's
Helping the Dreamer” appeared in New Delta Review.