One Thing You Must Never Do

©Angus Woodward

She might look young if you come in and find her smoking little brown fragrant things.  When
you ask if they're clove cigarettes, you'll find her laugh half chilling and half inviting.  Ignore her.  Just
go about your business, go out and prune the bushes you were hired to prune, paint the shed you were
hired to paint.  Otherwise you'll draw closer to get a better sniff and she'll tell you they're ginger
cigarettes she made herself.  Next thing you know you'll be in the kitchen straining to hear her shouted
instructions, looking for the ginger and the phyllo dough, getting sleepy and too hot and then too cold. 
Soon you'll stagger back into the dining room with your cigarette and she'll giggle, because it'll be a ten
foot spliff full of sweet and sour sauce and colorful chunks of bell pepper.  If you do get this far, for
Pete's sake be careful when you light the thing or you'll wind up scorching the antique dining table.