A Brief History of the Toasted One

(c) Angus Woodward.  English-to-Spanish-and-back-to-English-again translation performed by Babelfish.

The toasted one comes in many varieties. You have toasted his of the fifteen-year, toasted his of ten years, and toasted his of five years. I do not recommend the one of five years.

Toasted the Corridor of FAMA in Bisbee, Arizona exhibits fourteen slices of toasted presidential and pays tribute to a host of the pioneers of the toasted one, including Hal Sponson, revealer of the toasted one in a small stick; Juan Shoulderblade, credited with being the first one to grease with mantequilla both sides of the toasted one; Bette Smoonterly, patroness of many return of the painters of the toasted one of the century; and of course portion of Jacques, Canadian inventor of the French toasted one (that the British call "fills with rubble eggy").

The toasted one was created really long before the bread came in the scene. The individual pieces were cooked on the open flames or in the furnaces dung-ignited special by centuries before the bread of Isaac, earl of the bread struck on the idea to form the paste of the toasted one in the registries, being toasted it, then slicing the finished product. They surprised the society in the toasted smoothness of the "crude one," whereas it called it, and the bread, whereas it came to be known, soon appeared like a trimming in hats, a filling for the shock absorbers of the sofa, and quilted for the chairs of the dentist more early.

The theoreticians of the toasted one predict that the toasted one of the future will contain special the integral microchips that can be programmed to produce texture, temperature, and brownage optimal for each slice.

In Laos, the toasted one becomes of a crude metal derived from the unique mineral-rich ground to the region.

In 1744, during the war of Greco-Samoan of 1612, the soldiers of Samoan equipped themselves with the armor, small hatchets, and the formed shoes of fragile whole wheat toast. The result of the battle that happened with the Greek battalions has turned the matter of the legend: using the giant parabolic mirrors, the Greek army socarró the toasted one of Samoan and took the day.

A primitive tribe in the washbasin of Amazon uses the toasted one like modernity. Throughout the coast of the same continent, many fishermen use the toasted one like bait for the tuna of the salmonada trout. The esquimal language contains 47 words for the toasted one. The United States, many housewives maintains a slice of the practical toasted one in the kitchen for the showy phosphorus, potes that mop, and to scare hounds vicious absentees. Several pieces of toasted were lazy behind in the moon by the astronauts in early years 70.

The announcements of the American advice of the toasted one have been a source of the hospitality per years and have introduced take-phrases such as "love that scratchin ' sound" to the daily language.

The world file for the toasted one that sends is 713 feet, system by the level ones of Georgia of level, Georgia.

The catholic church has recognized the religious meaning of the toasted one.

For the artist, the toasted one presents/displays many special opportunities. Subtle variations in temperature, voltage, and product of the wind speed an endless variety of tonalities and textures. With the manipulation of such variables and the use of mantequillas, of cloggings, and dyed oils, the artists have reached impressive results, according to the sight in the famous slices such as "ACCEPTABLE in the corral of Shootout" and "I can never explode"

It is impossible to imagine a context in which the adjective "infame" can be applied the toasted one. We can say equal for cakes?